Is It Worth Building A Home Recording Studio

Media consumption is at an all-time high. More people than ever before are pursuing arts and content creation. With all the boom, a question arises. Should you build a home studio?

In this article, I am sharing with you who should build a home recording and music production studio and why you should build one.

Should you build a home recording studio?

All musicians should have a home studio in today's era. If you are someone looking to pursue music or content creation. Having a home studio is a must in 2022. Media consumption in 2022 is at an all-time high, and building a home studio will help you produce content like no others. Home studios are affordable and easy to set up than it was ever before. Also, the quality of production can be at par with industry standards. You can spend endless hours creating and producing music that you desire. In your home recording studio you can write music, compose, mix-master and produce music to industry standards. There is only a one time setup cost. So if you are a musician, songwriter, producer, an audio engineer or a content creator — having a home studio or a small recording and music production studio setup will bring a lot of new possibilities for you.

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To understand whether you need a home studio or not, try to answer the following question:

What are your goals?

Are you a professional musician or producer already, or do you wish to be one? If this is the scenario, building and setting up your own home studio will be of great advantage. If you are serious about your work and craft, a home studio will give you ample time to hone your craft.

Is a recording studio a good investment?

The answer depends completely on your goals. For those who are generating content for revenue, home studio is a must. If you have worked out a plan for your career as a musician or a content creator, you will have a great return on investment by building and setting up a home studio. There is a one time major investment for building a home studio, and after that you can have endless hours in the studio.

If you are just a hobbyist, you should first analyze your goals. If you do not wish to pursue a career in music or are a professional musician, a home studio might not be the best return on your investment. First try to rent professional studios, create a few tracks or videos and later down the road decide if a home studio will be beneficial for you or not.

Is it better to have a home studio or rent a recording studio?

Building a personal studio is a big investment to make. Renting a music or recording studio for some time can be a great experience to have before you decide to build one for yourself. If you enjoy your studio time and wish to go for it long term, build one for your own. But do not start building a studio before you have gained some studio experience and understanding of studio workflow.

Pros of building a home Recording and Music Production Studio

Here are some of the advantages of building a home recording studio of your own:

  1. Convenient and Affordable — It is just one time expense, which will in return give you the convenience and endless time to create your content and music.
  2. Produce Industry Standard Content — With music production and mixing and mastering becoming easy and affordable, one can easily learn and produce industry standard content from home studios.
  3. Endless Opportunity — With your own studio, you can create and work on whatever you like. There is no time limit and ticking clock. You can work hours after hours on your craft without anyone stopping you.
  4. Earning Potential — With your own studio, you can earn by selling what you create. You can create for others and collaborate as well. Work as A Freelancer. Possibilities are endless. Home studios also act as a great office and meeting space to meet your clients and work with them.
  5. Authority and Leverage— Having a proper setup of production and recording studio will provide you with authority among your peer creators and your followers.
  6. Keep You Productive — As an artist, being disciplined is one of the biggest skill that needs to be mastered. Having a studio will inspire you to create and stay productive. Having a workspace to go and work everyday takes away the decision-making and keeps you disciplined.

COVID-19 and Boom In Media Consumption

Since the pandemic, a permanent shift has taken place across the industry from a linear platform to a digital platform. Content is being consumed more than ever. The streaming landscape continues to expand exponentially. This is one of the best time to produce what you love and release for the public. Checkout the media trends report by Deloitte here.

Having a home studio will give you the advantage over your competitions to produce quality and quantity content.

All being said,  I will reiterate my self. If you are someone looking to pursue music or content creation. Having a home studio is a must in 2022.

So research, learn and get started with your journey.

In the next article, learn about Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Home Recording Studio.

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