Top 5 Books To Learn Songwriting

It is so fascinating when you can learn songwriting from one of the best songwriters, especially when they share their secrets and methods behind the creation of their craft. 

This is why I have made a list of Top 5 books where you will get to learn from a lot of interviews, techniques and songwriting processes of well-known songwriters. Reading these books will help you become a better songwriter and will inspire you to unlock new levels of your craft.

Top 5 Books On Songwriting

Here’s a list of must-read Top 5 Books on Songwriting:

  1. How to Write One Song – by Jeff Tweedy
  2. Writing Better Lyrics – by Pat Pattison
  3. Songwriters On Songwriting – by Paul Zollo
  4. Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting – by Jimmy Webb
  5. Try This At Home: Adventures in Songwriting – by Frank Turner 

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How to Write One Song

How to Write One Song: Loving the Things We Create and How They Love Us Back – is Jeff Tweedy’s Master Class on lyric writing.

Jeff Tweedy is an American songwriter, musician, record producer, author and well-known singer and guitarist of the band Wilco.

Why Do I Recommend This Book? 

This book lays out insights and advice that will help you with the songwriting process. The book provides excellent tips and exercises to help you write without fear. 

In this book, Tweedy shares reflection on the creative process of songwriting and offers wisdom that is applicable to all aspects of life. This book will help you get through the lyrics part of songwriting. It will encourage you to write without criticising yourself.

Who Is This Book For?

I would highly recommend it to Tweedy’s fans or to anyone stuck at the lyrics part. Read this book to get a sneak peek into the songwriting and creative process of Jeff Tweedy. 

Writing Better Lyrics

Writing Better Lyrics – by Pat Pattison, is an in-depth approach to the process of lyric writing. Pat Pattison is a bestselling author and professor at Berkeley College of Music. 

Why Do I Recommend This Book? 

This book focuses on the fundamentals of lyric writing. It provides insight on topics like perspective, metaphors, verse development, rhyme pattern, song form and more. In this book, Pattison shares tips on how to enhance a song’s emotional impact on listeners and techniques to avoid clichés. 

This book is not just a book to read but a workbook. It provides songwriting exercises and examples from Hit songs. Reading this book will inspire you to write powerful and better lyrics.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is absolutely recommended to anyone wanting to build their creative muscles to write better songs.


Songwriters On Songwriting 

Songwriters On Songwriting by Paul Zollo is a collection of interviews with the greatest songwriters of all time sharing their way of thinking and the process of making their art. Paul Zollo is a singer, songwriter, photographer, music journalist and author of many bestselling books.

Why Do I Recommend This Book? 

In this book, Zollo’s interviews focus on the creative process of the greatest songwriters. The author gets various songwriters to talk about the craft of songwriting.  

It’s not a how-to-write-song book, but what goes behind the writing of a song, what songwriters do when they get stuck and what is the source of their inspiration.

This book is a source of information on songwriting for songwriters of all levels. Reading this you will find the secrets and personal methods of the greatest songwriters for converting inspiration into songs. This will inspire you to write more efficiently.

Who Is This Book For?

A must-read for songwriters of all levels. 

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting – by Jimmy Webb, is an ultimate guide for aspiring songwriters. Jimmy Webb is an American songwriter, composer and singer. He has written many platinum-selling songs.

Why Do I Recommend This Book? 

In this book, Webb shares insider knowledge and breaks down the creative process of songwriting from beginning to end. He provides advice on song construction, music business, how to deal with writer’s block and more. Webb demonstrates all the nuts and bolts of chords, rhythm, melodies and the ways you can use them to create songs. He takes a more in-depth dive into the technical aspects of songwriting. Reading this book will help you learn from Webb’s approach to harmony, melody, lyric writing and song structure. 

This book is a well-informed exploration of the craft of songwriting and conveys the process of learning the craft. 

Who Is This Book For?

I would recommend it to all songwriters as it contains a wealth of information and examples.


Try This At Home: Adventures in Songwriting

Try This At Home: Adventures in Songwriting – by Frank Turner, is a personal and honest reflection of Frank Turner’s work as a songwriter. Frank Turner is an English punk and folk singer-songwriter, and a bestselling author.

Why Do I Recommend This Book? 

This book is the exploration of Frank’s songs, their origin and songwriting techniques. He gives readers insight into his songwriting process, inspiration, composition and elaborates on how his words, chords, song structure came to be. He conveys what he had learned to the next generations. 

Frank covers how the songs went from concept to reality, explaining the chords used, tempos, and everything that goes behind the craft of writing songs. 

Read this book to get a sneak peek into the songwriting process of Frank Turner. 

Who Is This Book For?

For any Frank Turner fan who wants an insightful peek into Frank’s songwriting work.



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