Best Audio Interface For Guitar Recording In India

Recording Guitar, Bass and other Instruments is possible at home. You need the right audio interface for the job.

In this article, I have listed the best audio interface in India for guitar and bass recording. These Audio interfaces have been shortlisted specifically based on how well they perform for recording guitars. Using these audio interfaces, you can easily record guitar, bass or other similar instruments at home or in a studio.

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Best Audio Interface For Guitar Recording In India

Here is a list of the Top 5 Audio Interfaces To Record Guitar: -

  1. Audient Sono: - Audient Sono is the Best Audio Interface For Guitar Recordings
  2. SSL 2+: - Under 35K
  3. Audient ID 14: - Under 25K
  4. Universal Audio Volt 176: - Under 20k
  5. Arturia Minifuse: - Under 15k

Audient Sono - Best Audio Interface For Guitar Recordings

Audient Sono is designed specifically for recording guitar and is surely the best for this purpose. It combines Audient’s award-winning analogue recording technology with the world’s best speaker-cab simulation from Two notes, an onboard 12AX7 analogue valve and 3-band Tone control.

Pros Of Buying Audient Sono For Recording Guitars

Audient Preamps: - Sono brings over 20 years of Audient analogue console design experience. With two of Audient's famous console mic preamps, you can get studio-quality recordings.

Two Note Cab Sim: - Sono enables you to instantly create, record, and preserve the guitar sounds you hear in your brain thanks to Two Notes Torpedo power amp modelling and cab simulation. Record with your preferred amplifiers –
Choose from a range of guitar and bass cab models like the Marshall 412, Fender 212, Ampeg 810, and others.

Onboard Tubes: - The 12AX7 (also known as ECC83) is a high-voltage gain vacuum tube. The 12AX7 used in Audient Sono was designed to be a replacement for the 6SL7 family of dual-triode amplifier tubes used in audio. As a popular choice for guitar tube amplifiers, it is one of the few small-signal vacuum tubes that has been really popular among guitar players. Start producing crazy new sounds or simply add that vintage analogue warmth to your records by routing your mics or synths through the classic valve preamp.

Re-Amp At Any Time: - There's no need to invest in a dedicated re-amp box.
Sono always gets a perfect DI signal, so you may record your performances as they happen and re-amp them afterwards with your favourite hardware amps. 

60dB Gain Range: - The two Mic Pres offer a 60dB usable gain range, which is ample to get a decent recording out of any microphone. No need to get a separate cloud lifter or external preamp.

3 Band EQ: - With Sono's 3 band analogue EQ, you can fine-tune your sound on the way in and give body to your tones or that additional bit of shine to your clean tones. 

From Practice Room To Studio To The Stage: - Jam, record or play live, Sono got your back.

Cons Of  Buying Audient Sono For Recording Guitars

There are no cons or drawbacks. Audient Sono audio interface offers everything you need as a guitar or bass player. Just the loopback feature is missing on Sono which is essential for live-streaming and online videos.

Who Should Buy Audient Sono For Recording Guitars

Every guitar player will love Audient Sono. It offers everything you need as a guitar or bass player. Valve Amp, Cab sims, DI, Re-Amping, Looper, Zero Latency Direct Monitoring, 2xMic Pres, 3 Band EQ are just a perfect mix of features for guitar tracking and jamming sessions.

Whether you play an electric guitar and require a tube valve amp with DI or you are an acoustic guitar player who loves stereo micing his/her recordings, or you are jamming on a street. Audient Sono got you covered for every possible scenario.

I personally love Audient Sono and highly recommend it for all intermediate to advanced level guitar players.

SSL2+ - Best Audio Interface Under Rupees 35000 For Recording Guitar

Solid State Logic SSL2+ is the best audio interface under Rupees 35000 for recording guitar. 

Pros Of Buying SSL2+ For Recording Guitars

Quiet and Beautiful Sounding Preamps - The pair of class-leading microphone preamps that offer crystal-clear sound and can handle practically any microphone with the least amount of noise in its class (EIN -130.5dBu A-Weighted). SSL2+ employs a two-stage design that blends low-noise transistors with integrated circuits rather than traditional circuits. This allows SSL2+ to offer an improved noise performance and a wider gain range.

4K Mode - Inspired by the personality of an SSL 4000 series console (often known as a '4K'). The Legacy 4K button is an analogue enhancement effect that combines two important 4K sound characteristics into a single circuit. It can be used to provide life to dull sounding input sources.

Quality AD/DA Convertors - AKM converters are used by SSL2+.
The converters have an output dynamic range of 112dB and an input dynamic range of 111dB.

High Gain Range - With a gain range of 62dB (56.5dB usable) and quiet preamps, you may use almost any microphone, including those with the lowest sensitivity, without the need for external preamps.
So go ahead and mic up that ancient SM57s to produce an acceptable recording without any extra preamps.

Easy To Use Headphone Mix - Making a cue mix or direct monitoring on the SSL2+ is super easy and convenient.

Low Round Trip Latency - The SSL2+ drivers are extremely reliable and quick.
Its 7-millisecond latency is great for tracking guitars.

Cons Of Buying SSL2+  For Recording Guitars

No Audio Loopback - SSL2+ is geared at consumers who enjoy recording but aren't big lovers of the box music production approach. But everyone has a YouTube channel, a collaboration project, a podcast, live stream etc. We all need an audio loopback at some point. The lack of an audio loopback in the SSL2+ is a significant drawback.

10Db Steps In The Level Meter - A 10dB Step meter just makes you guess. Gain staging just using the LED meters on the SSL2+ is inconvenient.

No On-Board DSP: - Onboard DSP is a game-changer, especially for guitar players and bass players. This feature is not a part of  SSL2+ as it is not made especially for recording guitars.

Who Should Buy SSL2+

The sound of the SSL 2+ has a distinct tonality and character. It's for individuals who want "that SSL tone" but are on a tight budget. The highs are boosted by the preamps, and it sounds stunning.

If you record a lot of different instruments in your studio and want to acquire an SSL distinctive tone on a budget go with SSL2+. If you are on an even lower budget go for SSL2 instead of SSL2+. The I/O options are the only difference.

I recommend it for all beginner to advanced level guitar players.

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Audient ID14 MKII - Best Audio Interface Under Rupees 25000 For Recording Guitar

Audient ID14 MkII is the best audio interface under Rupees 25000 for recording guitar. 

Pros Of Buying Audient ID 14MkII

Powerful Headphone Amp - The iD14 has a jack and a mini-jack connector, allowing it to connect up to two studio headphones. The iD14 has a powerful built-in headphone amplifier that can drive headphones with a resistance of up to 600 Ohms with plenty of power and transparent frequency response. One of the main advantages of getting an ID14 is that you can utilise high impedance headphones without having to buy a separate headphone amplifier.

Quality AD/DA Convertors - AKM AK55740N A-D and Cirrus Logic 43198 D-A converters are used in Audient ID14 MkII. The converters on the iD14 provide a dynamic range of 126dB at the output stage and 120dB at the input stage, which is outstanding for its class.

Low Noise Preamps - The Audient Console Mic Preamps on the iD14 are designed to provide low noise and traditional analogue warmth. Audient ID14MKII preamps deliver Ultra-low noise recordings, with EIN at -129dBu A-Weighted and the same discrete circuit design used in our renowned recording console, the ASP8024-HE.

Dual Stereo Out - Pair two sets of speakers to iD14's four-line outputs. The ID14's main output performance is balanced and transparent.

Low Roundtrip Latency - Audient ID14 drivers are extremely stable and fast. In my tests with 48Khz/64 Samples, the measured roundtrip latency for ID14 was 6.1ms. This is exceptional at this price range.

JFET DI - The iD14's JFET Instrument Input is a harmonically rich component that replicates the sounds of a classic valve amplifier. JFET Instrument Input is the perfect sonic foundation for your guitar or bass DI recordings.

Audio Loopback - Audio Loop-back allows you to record audio from several sources on your computer at the same time. This is a fantastic feature for live-streaming, online sessions, online gigs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and recording your DAW with OBS, among other things. Audio loopback, in my opinion, is essential in 2022.

Expandable Inputs - With its built-in ADAT and SPDIF input, the iD14 is capable of accommodating up to eight additional mic pres using an additional board.

Cons Of Audient ID14MKII

There are no cons or shortcomings as such of Audient ID14 that should stop you from buying one for your studio. But here are a few specs that can see some improvement over time.

Low Headphone Output On USB-A - If you use ID14 with a USB A cable, the headphone output will be lower than if you use it with a USB-C cable.

Level Metering Is Not Accurate - The hardware LED metering on the Audient ID 14 let me down all the time. I find myself using the DAW meters or the software meters. This is not a dealbreaker, but gain staging often becomes cumbersome.

Digital Monitor Mix Control and Output Switching - I would like to have a dedicated monitor mix knob on the ID14 interface and monitor switching button. At present, this needs to be done using the ID14 software and reassigning the scroll wheel. I typically find this to be a momentum breaker.

Headphone Output Impedance High - If you plan on using a low impedance headphone(under 150 Ohms), you might not get the most transparent frequency response - essential for mixing.

Who Should Buy Audient ID14MKII Audio Interface

When you purchase an Audient ID14MKII, you are paying for the hardware, features, and capabilities that matter in the real world, not for some free add-on plugins and software bundles.

The iD14 is a desktop recording solution that will revolutionise your recording and production workflow. It has a compact and sleek appearance that makes it ideal for use in a home studio.

Great-output headphone amplifiers, high dynamic range, two main stereo outputs, JFET DI, two Audient console preamps, audio loopback, and ADAT expansion are all important characteristics for a home studio or small budget studio.

Whether you are a singer-songwriter, a metalhead guitar player, or a jazz bass player. You will find Audient ID14MKII a good fit for your studio workflow.

I highly recommend Audient ID14 for all levels of guitar/bass players. If you are on a budget and this is your first Audio Interface Purchase, go for Audient ID14 without second thoughts. If you don’t require two Mic pres, you can also opt for Audient ID4 MKII.

UA Volt 176 - Best Audio Interface Under Rupees 20000 For Recording Guitar

UA Volt 176 is the best audio interface under Rupees 20000 for recording guitar. 

Pros Of Buying Universal Audio Volt 176

Vintage Mode For UA Sound - The Universal Audio 610 Tube Preamp is a classic recording gear that has been utilised by legends like Ray Charles and Van Halen. The Volt 176 has tube simulation circuitry built-in.

In-Built Compression: - An analogue compressor based on UA's famed 1176 adds clarity and punch to vocals, instruments, and other sources. 

Great Bundled Plugins - With Volt, you can start creating music and podcasts right out of the box. The bundled plugins and DAW are used by a lot of producers and engineers in the industry.

Cons Of Buying Universal Audio Volt 176

Unstable Driver - The driver of the UA Volt series are still developing. Clicks and pops on lower buffer Sizes are an issue.

Below Average Headphone Output Power - The output power, especially when using high impedance headphones, is low. You will need a separate headphone amp with 300Ohm and 600Ohm headphones.

Headphone Channel Balance - The headphone channel balance is not proportional.

No Audio Loopback -One important feature of Audio loopback is missing on Volt 176.

Who Should Buy Universal Audio VOLT 176

If you love the UA preamps, tonality and compression, go for the UA Volt 176. The characteristic tonality that you get on a budget is amazing.

Volt 176 is a great budget audio interface for electric guitar players who track a lot. The preamps and vintage mode provide a colour that brings your recordings to life.

Arturia Minifuse - Best Audio Interface Under Rupees 15000 For Recording Guitar

Arturia Minifuse 2 is the best audio interface under Rupees 15000 for recording guitar. Also, Arturia Minifuse 1 is the best audio interface under Rupees 10000 for recording guitar. 

Pros Of Buying Arturia Minifuse

High-Quality Low Noise Preamps - With a recorded -129 dB EIN, Arturia Minifuse preamps deliver a clean and crisp sound. For this pricing range, the preamp performance is exceptional.

Quality AD/DA Converters - Cirrus Logic converters are used in the Arturia Minifuse. They've been around for a long time and used in a lot of audio interfaces. The Arturia Minifuse has a dynamic range of 107 dB at the output and 110 dB at the input.

Direct Monitor- Arturia Minifuse  features hardware direct monitoring, which is easy to switch and use. The direct monitoring mix control feature is very useful during tracking sessions.

Low Round Trip Latency - The Arturia Minifuse drivers are stable and perform exceptionally fast. Its 6.5ms latency is outstanding for a budget-priced interface.

Powerful Headphone Outputs  - Without the need for an extra headphone amplifier, the strength and transparency of the headphone output are sufficient to drive headphones up to 300 Ohms. This is a must-have function for anyone mixing with headphones.

Audio LoopBack - Audio Loop-back is a function that allows you to record audio from your computer. This is a fantastic feature for live-streaming, online sessions, online gigs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and recording your DAW with OBS, among other things. Audio loopback, in my opinion, is a must-have function in 2022.

MIDI I/O: - Arturia Minifuse 2 features MIDI I/O to send and receive MIDI signals.

Easy Availability: - You can easily find an Arturia Minifuse all across India, Online and Offline.

Cons Of Arturia Minifuse

The Arturia Minifuse is an amazing audio interface that provides outstanding performance for the price. There are no cons, given the price range.

    Who Should Buy Arturia Minifuse 2 Audio Interface

    Arturia Mini Fuse is an all-star performer. It is well built, looks great, offers a great workflow and performs exceptionally well for the price.

    Arturia Minifuse includes all of the capabilities needed for a current small studio workflow. The preamps and converters are of excellent quality. Headphone output power is excellent for this price range, and high impedance headphones can also be used.

    Arturia has designed an audio interface that will cater to the needs of all beginner and intermediate guitar players.


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