Top 5 Books On Mixing Music

Have you been trying to mix your audio well yet not satisfied with the quality of your mixes? 

Well, I have shortlisted a list of the Top 5 Books On Mixing Music to help you elevate your mixing skills and finish all those unfinished mixes. 

Save yourself years of frustration that comes with trial and error, and learn from the professionals. 

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Top 5 Books on Mixing Music

Here is a list of must-read Top 5 Books on Mixing Music:

  1. Mixing With Impact – by Wessel Oltheten
  2. Mixing Secret For The Small Studio – by Mike Senior
  3. Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins – by Bjorgvin Benediktsson
  4. Mixing Engineer’s Handbook – by Bobby Owsinski
  5. The Art of MixingA Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production – by David Gibson

Mixing With Impact 

Mixing With Impact: Learning to Make Musical Choices is a brilliant book on mixing that discusses the practical and creative concepts behind making a mix. 

Wessel Oltheten is a Dutch recording, mixing and mastering engineer, a teacher of audio engineering and an author of Mixing With Impact.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

This is a perfect handbook for mixing engineers. The book shares the potential problems that occur during the mixing process. The author shares his unique perspective on how you should think about mixing musically rather than just technically.

He describes the fundamentals of EQ, compression, balance, automation, effects, tone, space and more. The author educated that the key to a great mix is developing a plan and executing it.

This book is packed with up-to-date in-depth conceptual explanations backed up with diagrams. 

Wessel advises on the various techniques, what goals can be achieved with different types of gear and how it works. In this book, he covers the practical knowledge of quality mixing.

Who Is This Book For?

Mixing engineers who want to reflect on and improve their way of mixing.

Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio 

Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio — by Mike Senior, is a guidebook to improve mixing skills for small studio enthusiasts.

Mike Senior specialises in adapting the techniques of pro producers for those working on a budget in small space studios.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, Mike provides secrets and tips of the pros for creating a release quality mix. This is a complete beginner’s guide for small studio enthusiasts who want good quality mixes without spending a lot of money. 

Reading this book will help you learn the editing, arrangement, monitoring tactics and master the psychological tricks which save you from all the biggest mistakes.

Mike Senior shares small space techniques and secrets to produce professional music without relying on expensive equipment. He shares the importance of the initial groundwork needed before starting a mix. He mentions the problems to look for and how to fix them. 

The author also shares links to many free plugins and stems available on the internet to help you practice mixing. 

Who Is This Book For?

I would recommend it as a must-read for small space mixing engineers, beginner music producers, beginner engineers or just anyone interested in the fundamentals of mixing.

Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins

Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins – by Bjorgvin Benediktsson, is a reference guide to enhance your mixing skills to produce better-sounding mixes in your home studio.

Bjorgvin Benediktsson is an Icelandic-American author, audio educator and entrepreneur. 

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

This is the bible to take your mixes from ruff to radio-ready. A step-by-step approach to take you through the complete process and explain the most important aspects of mixing.

In this book, the author focuses on the use of EQ, reverb, compression, saturation and delay during mixing. He shares techniques and practices that will enhance your mixes.

Reading and applying this book will bring an immediate improvement in your mixes.

Who Is This Book For?

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their mixes and finish the long-awaited unfinished mixes. This book provides a step-by-step approach that can be easily applied to your mixes.

Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook is a brilliant book for beginners to master the art of mixing. Learn the secrets of mixing from the well-known audio engineer, producer, musician, coach and bestselling author of several music books — Bobby Owsinski.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

This book provides a lot of good advice from pro engineers about how to create a quality mix. Bobby shares a sequential approach covering various topics like balancing, session setup, panning, FX, EQing, dynamics and compression. 

In this book, Bobby shares various tips and tricks for every genre of music. Reading this book will help you learn the secrets of the frequencies, EQ, tips for adding effects, reverb, delay time and more. 

The book wraps up with several interviews that help you understand the mixing approach and develop your own mixing style. A valuable tool for beginner producers to learn from the mistakes of the experienced producers who do it for a living.

Who Is This Book For?

This is a great reference guide to start as a mixing engineer. You will always find yourself coming back to this book over years.

The Art of Mixing

The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production – by David Gibson is an in-depth exploration into the fundamentals of what makes a great mix.

David Gibson is a teacher, sound engineer, author, inventor of the virtual mixer mixing plug-in and a virtual reality healing system where you can place sounds inside a 3D image of the body.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, David provides comprehensive three-dimensional visual representations of audio concepts. Reading this will help you visualise the music you’re listening to and where each musical voice is arranged in the mix.

David shares a straightforward approach to help you expand your recording techniques with direct examples. After reading this book, you will understand all the things that an audio engineer does. This book will enable you to identify what you like and how to achieve it in your studio. 

Who Is This Book For?

I highly recommend this book to mix engineers or producers who think visually.


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