Top 5 Books To Learn Beat Making

To master the art of music, it is crucial to understand and master the fundamentals of beat making. Beat making is not a straightforward process as there’s no exact science to master it. However, constant learning, practices and experiments can help you discover your style.

In this article, I have listed the Top 5 Books on Beat Making to help you dive deep into the history, technicalities and business aspects of beat making.

Read these books to learn the fundamentals of beat making, as well as learn from the advice of people who have built the very foundation of Hip Hop culture.

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Top 5 Books To Learn Beat Making

Here’s a list of Top 5 Books To Learn Beat Making:

  1. The BeatTips Manual: The Art of Beatmaking – by Amir Said 
  2. 260 Drum Machine Patterns – by Hal Leonard Corporation
  3. The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming – by Mike Adamo 
  4. The Art of Sampling – by Amir Said
  5. How to Make Beats – by Slime Green Beats 

The BeatTips Manual: The Art of Beatmaking

The BeatTips Manual: The Art of Beatmaking: The Hip Hop/Rap Music Tradition and The Common Composer – by Amir Said, is a detailed and comprehensive study on the art of beat making. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the origin of beat making, its key principles, aesthetics and predilections.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, the author provides an honest look into the mindset of producers who have mastered the art of beat making. He illustrates historical aspects and protocols for Hip Hop music production. 

BeatTips Manual features the ins and outs of beat making from someone who lives it and does it every day. This book advises you on how to feel your music and how to inject meaning into the rhythm of your songs. It encourages you to make your tracks more alive and not robotic or lifeless.

The book also breaks down the technical aspects of beat making from the very basics like how to use to quantise and draw MIDI all the way to finally creating a piece of art and releasing it.

Who Is This Book For?

The BeatTips Manual is the go-to guide for beat making. The book gives a great overview of the history of hip-hop and beat making. The book also teaches the process of producing good quality beats. Every beatmaker should read it to understand the culture and traditions of beat making.

260 Drum Machine Patterns 

260 Drum Machine Patterns – by Hal Leonard Corporation features 260 original rhythm patterns that can be programmed easily on any drum machine. This book contains the rhythms most often used in music.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, the author provides a collection of rhythm patterns to help you get started programming your drum machine. He shares various patterns, breaks and fills that can be easily programmed into your drum machine.

Reading this book will help you make beats using the ideas included in this book as a foundation.

It will help you get started programming. There are plenty of patterns that will provide you with a new way to look at things when programming.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is a good starter for those who are just getting started with drum programming and beat making. This book can also act as a quick inspiration reference for seasoned producers.


The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming 

The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming – by Mike Adamo features a unique approach to the fundamentals of breakbeat drumming. Mike Adamo is a musician, educator, author and well-known rock drummer with the legendary rock n roll/hip hop/neo-blues band, Mama’s Cookin’.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, the author provides thirteen essential elements of breakbeat drumming while addressing a dual audience – live drummers and producers. He shares a great historical overview of the groove and drumming, with lots of transcribed examples and exercises.

This book includes practical tips, a CD to help you learn and understand some of the most widely used beats in music history, along with the songs. CD also contains five play-along instrumental tracks. 

Who Is This Book For?

Highly recommended to all levels of drummers and producers interested in the most in-depth study of beats and patterns.


The Art of Sampling

The Art of Sampling: The Sampling Tradition of Hip Hop/Rap Music and Copyright Law – by Amir Said features a study that reveals the history, creative mechanics and philosophy of sampling, while also exploring the implications that it holds for copyright law.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, the author breaks down the creative process of sampling and reveals the legal side of sampling. He shares his 30+ years of experience and simplifies the often confusing world of copyright law and the fair of sampling.

Reading this book will help you understand the history, copyright laws and the technical concepts behind creating samples.

Who Is This Book For?

An essential must-read for musicians, beatmakers or producers interested in learning the art of sampling as well the legal side of it.


How to Make Beats 

How to Make Beats – by Slime Green Beats is a beginner’s guide that breaks down the fundamentals of beat making and gives you the tools to start creating.

Slime Green Beats is led by 3E Wave and Stunna, two highly acclaimed music producers with an extensive fanbase on YouTube. Both producers have nearly a decade of beat making experience, their technical tips and recommendations are proven to work in the real world.

Why Do I Recommend This Book?

In this book, the authors provide a comprehensive overview of beat making, explaining music theory and technical software in easy-to-understand terms. They cover everything from how to set up your home beat making studio to what to expect when selling exclusive beats, including track outs and more.

Reading this book will help you learn beat-making rules for different genres and musical styles, including R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Trap. The book also provides the information you need to promote, license, lease and sell your beats. 

Who Is This Book For?

This is a must-have for all beginners interested in producing music or planning to start a career as a beatmaker.


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