Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners In India

If you are buying your first guitar in India and have no clue how to buy the first guitar, do not worry. In this article, I have revealed the best guitar in India to buy for beginners. This guitar is suitable for all musical genres and playing styles for beginners. Will also meet the requirements of kids, adults, small hands or big etc. This guitar is suitable for all beginners just getting started with guitar playing. So without any second doubt, go ahead and get this guitar.

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners In India

Yamaha F280 Is The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners in India. Yamaha F280 is the Best guitar that you can buy as a beginner in India. Yamaha F280 offers:

  • A great tone,
  • A great build,
  • Comes in various colours
  • Yamaha is a highly reputed and trusted brand.


Yamaha F280 Best Acoustic Guitar Review In India

Rank Score Brand Model Category Price(Indicative) Electronics Playability Build Tone Life Features & Value For Money After Sales Brand Value Availability Looks Accessories
1 4.6 Yamaha F280 Under 8000 ₹7,000 NO 4 5 4.5 5 4 5 5 5 5 2.5


Pros Of Buying Yamaha F280

  • Outstanding Tone (4.5/5) Yamaha F280 offers the most balanced overall tone among guitars Under Rs.8000 in India. To my ears, the tone of Yamaha F280 is balanced with little rich lows and loud.
  • Outstanding Build Quality (5/5) — The build quality of the Yamaha F280  is outstanding among guitars under Rupees 80000. It is very well-built and uses well-matured tonewoods that make it highly durable, stable and road-ready. The tuners and other hardware used is also of good quality.
  • Great Playability (4/5) — The design of the guitar is outstanding. Yamaha F280 features a Jumbo dreadnought body shape. The neck profile and finish is outstanding for the price and is comfortable for beginner guitar players.
  • Outstanding Looks (5/5) — Yamaha F280 looks great, and is well finished. The guitar is available in different colours.
  • Easily Available (5/5) — Yamaha F280 is easily available across India across offline and online stores.
  • Outstanding After Sales Support (5/5)Yamaha India provides one of the best after-sales support in the country and is among one of the most reputed musical instrument’s brands.

Cons Of Buying Yamaha F280

  • No In-Built Electronics -The guitar does not feature an inbuilt pickup, tuner, and equaliser. If you are a beginner, you will not require a pickup and EQ. This should not be a dealbreaker. Look to get a guitar with an in-built pickup only if you are already performing on small stages and require a pickup.
  • Accessories(2.5/5) — The guitar might come along with just a guitar bag. This according to me is no dealbreaker and not an important measure to consider while making a purchase.
  • No CutawayYamaha F280 does not feature a cutaway, which might make accessing the higher frets a little difficult but is not an essential for beginners.

Who Should Buy This Guitar?

If you are a beginner and want to buy the best guitar for beginners in India which is well-built guitar, offers a great tone, is loud, looks good, and is an overall winner. Without second thoughts, go for Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar.

Yamaha brand is well renowned. Yamaha F280 guitar is easily available, after-sales support is outstanding, and you cannot go wrong with this guitar for the price value.



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