Best Audio Interface For Podcasting In India

The podcasting industry is booming. To start a professional podcast from home, you need the proper equipment.

In this article, I have shared the best audio interface for podcasting available in India. I have shared the pros and cons of buying the interface, and also shared why you should buy this audio interface for podcasting.

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Arturia MiniFuse - Best Audio Interface For Podcasting In India

The Arturia MiniFuse 2 is the best audio interface under Rs.15000 category for podcasting. In addition, the Arturia MiniFuse 1 is the greatest audio interface under Rs.10000 for podcasting.

Both MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2 can be used for podcasting setup. If you require just one microphone input(for one podcast host) buy the MiniFuse 1. If you require two simultaneous mic inputs (for two podcast hosts), buy MiniFuse 2.

Pros Of Buying Arturia MiniFuse For Podcasting

High-Quality Low Noise Preamps - With a recorded -129 dB EIN, Arturia MiniFuse preamps deliver a clean and crisp sound. The noise level is the lowest in its class. Low noise preamps are necessary to get clean vocal recordings for your podcast. For this pricing, the preamp performance is exceptional.

Quality AD/DA Converters - The Arturia MiniFuse uses Cirrus Logic converters, which have been available for a long time and are used in many audio interfaces.
The dynamic range of the Arturia MiniFuse is 107 dB at the output and 110 dB at the input. For any podcast or production, the analogue to digital converters are great and provide ample dynamic range.

Audio Loopback - Audio Loop-back is a function that allows you to record and rewire audio from your computer. This is a fantastic feature for live-streaming, online sessions, online gigs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and recording your DAW with OBS, among other things. Audio loopback, in my opinion, is a must in 2022.

Direct Monitor- The Arturia MiniFuse has hardware direct monitoring that is simple to switch and use. During podcasting or interview sessions, the direct monitoring mix control option comes in handy to provide in-ear monitor mixes without any latency.

Low Round Trip Latency - The Arturia MiniFuse drivers are stable and perform exceptionally fast. Its 6.5ms latency is outstanding for a budget-priced interface. You can add FX and samples using your favourite DAW like Audacity, Logic Pro and monitor with FX in real-time.

Powerful Headphone Outputs  -  Without the need for an extra headphone amplifier, the strength and transparency of the headphone output are sufficient to drive headphones up to 300 Ohms. This is a must-have function for anyone mixing the podcasts with headphones.

Easy Availability: - You can easily find an Arturia MiniFuse all across India, Online and Offline.

Cons Of Arturia MiniFuse

The Arturia MiniFuse is an amazing audio interface that provides outstanding performance for the price. There are no cons, given the price range.

    Who Should Buy Arturia MiniFuse 2 Audio Interface

    Arturia Mini Fuse is a powerhouse of an audio interface. It's well-made, looks nice, has a wonderful workflow, and performs admirably for the money.

    Arturia MiniFuse includes all the capabilities required for a current small studio podcasting workflow. The preamps and converters are of excellent quality. Headphone output power is exceptional for this price range.

    Arturia has designed an audio interface that will cater to the needs of all podcasters. I highly recommend it for podcasting, gaming, YouTube channel and live streaming purposes.


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    Disclaimer: These comparison results are purely based on my judgement/opinion/tests and in no way influenced or sponsored by any brand or company. You are advised to use your own judgement/analysis before you make any purchase. The comparison is done among audio interfaces of the same price category only. Prices are indicative and updated as of 18-03-2022. Prices may vary.

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