Best Budget Guitar Brands In India

In this article, we are talking about some of the best budget-friendly guitar brands or best budget guitar companies in India.

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I am going to list the Top 10 best budget guitar brands in the India that offer some of the best guitars on a budget for beginners. These guitars, or music instrument manufacturers, are highly acclaimed and loved for their electric or acoustic guitars. These guitars manufacturers are best suited for beginners, intermediate and even advanced players.

Top 10 Best Budget Guitar Brands In India

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Budget Guitar Brands In India. All these brands have a global presence and offer some of the best value for money guitars on a budget.

  1. Yamaha
  2. Kadence
  3. LTD Guitars
  4. Epiphone
  5. Fender Squier
  6. Sterling Music Man
  7. Ibanez Gio
  8. Cort Guitars
  9. Breedlove
  10. Schecter Guitars

Rank #1: Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha is the largest music instrument manufacturer in the world. Yamaha was founded in 1887, and they create nearly all western music instruments including piano, guitars, bass, drums, trumpets etc.

Yamaha is known for its acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Yamaha offers the most affordable beginner guitars that are a great value for money.

Yamaha's guitar are easily available online and in retail stores across all major cities in India. They have a widespread sales, after sales and distribution channel, making it easy to buy Yamaha guitars in India.

Founded: 1887

Country Of Origin: Japan

Some Famous Artist Associated With Yamaha

  • Bob Dylan
  • James Taylor
  • Billy Corgan

Best Budget Guitars By Yamaha

  • Yamaha Pacifica — Electric Guitars
  • Yamaha RGX Series — Electric Guitars
  • Yamaha F Series — Acoustic Guitars

Rank #2: Kadence

This might come as a surprise to a lot of veteran players but according to me Kadence is the second-best budget guitar brand in India. Kadence is an Indian brand, well renowned for their budget line of guitars and other musical instruments. They have some of the best acoustic and electric budget guitar for beginners and intermediate guitar players.

Kadence guitars are easily available online, and they also have exclusive Kadence Xperience outlets in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Goa. 

Founded: 2010

Country Of Origin: India

Some Famous Artist Associated With Kadence

  • AR Rahman
  • Shreya Ghoshal
  • Vasu Dixit

Best Budget Guitars By Kadence

  • Kadence Slow Hand Series - Acoustic Guitars
  • Kadence Frontier Series — Acoustic Guitars
  • Kadence Astroman Series— Electric Guitars

Rank #3: LTD Guitars

Ltd is the budget electric guitar line owned by ESP Guitars. LTD guitars are the best bang for the buck. These are well-built, offer great electronics and playability. I love LTD guitars and highly recommend everyone on a budget to get an LTD.

LTD offers electric guitars and bass guitars. LTD Guitars are easily available online and across major retail stores in India. LTD M Series and LTD EC series guitar are among the highest selling budget electric guitars in India.

Founded: 1975

Country Of Origin: Japan

Some Famous Artist Playing ESP LTD
  • Alexi Laiho
  • Brian Welch
  • James Hetfield
  • Jeff Hanneman
  • Nergal
  • Stephen Carpenter

Best Budget Guitars By LTD

  • LTD EC Series Electric Guitars
  • LTD H Series Electric Guitars
  • LTD M Series Electric Guitars
  • LTD F Series Electric Guitars

Rank #4: Epiphone

Epiphone is owned by Gibson. Epiphone guitars offer some affordable Les Paul and other Gibson variants. Recently Epiphone launched their Slash Les Paul line which is highly rated and loved by guitar players across the globe.

Epiphone offers both acoustic and electric guitars. Epiphone electric guitars are a great choice for those looking to get lespaul tones on a budget. Epiphone acoustic guitars are also a favourite of many intermediate players looking to get a great tone on a budget. Epiphone guitars are not easy to find in small Indian cities, but they are easily avilable in major retail stores and online.

Founded: 1873

Country Of Origin: USA

Some Famous Artist Playing Epiphone

  • Slash
  • Jared James Nichols
  • Stapleton
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Noel Gallagher

Best Budget Guitars By Epiphone

  • Epiphone Les Paul Series
  • Epiphone SG Series
  • Epiphone ES Series
  • Epiphone Starling Acoustic

Rank #5: Fender Squier

Fender Squier is the budget guitar line by Fender Guitars. With Fender Squier, you can get the budget alternatives to famous Fender Stratocaster, telecaster models but at a low price. Fender Squier also offers some of the best beginner acoustic guitars on budget.

Fender offers both acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Fender Squier budget guitars are easily available at major retail stores and online purchase in India.

Founded: 1890

Country Of Origin: USA

Some Famous Artist Playing Fender Squier

  • Slash
  • Jared James Nichols
  • Stapleton
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Noel Gallagher

Best Budget Guitars By Fender Squier

  • Affinity Series
  • Paranormal Series
  • Standard Stratocaster
  • Classic Vibe Series

Rank #6: Sterling Music Man

In 2008, Ernie Ball Music Man introduced a new sub-brand, Sterling by Music Man to offer an opportunity for all levels of musicians to access the respected innovation and design that Ernie Ball Music Man is known for.

Built-in Indonesia with the highest standards in mind, all Sterling by Music Man instruments are designed by Ernie Ball’s world-class team of engineers.

Sterling offers budget electric guitars and bass guitars for intermediate and experienced players. Even though one can find sterling guitars in major music retail outlet, Sterling guitars are difficult to find in small cities and online in India. At most time, limited stock and variants are available.

Founded: 2008

Country Of Origin: USA

Some Famous Artist Playing Music Man

  • John Petrucci
  • Albert Lee
  • Steve Morse
  • Adam Levine

    Best Budget Guitars By Sterling

    • Axis Series — Electric Guitars
    • Signature Series — Electric guitar
    • Sting Ray — Bass Guitars

    Rank #7: Ibanez Gio

    Ibanez Gio is the budget electric guitar line owned by Ibanez Guitars.  Gio guitars are affordable versions of high-end Ibanez guitar lines. For the money, Ibanez Gio is one great guitar brand.

    Ibanez Gio offers guitar in buget range starting arund rupes 15000 and goes till high end budgets. Ibanez gio is among the most suitable choice of guitars for beginners on a budget. These guitars are easily available among major retail outlets in India. These are also available easily online in India.

    Founded: 1908

    Country Of Origin: Japan

    Some Famous Artist Playing Ibanez Guitars

    • Joe Satriani
    • Steve Vai
    • Paul Gilbert
    • Munky
    • Tom Quayle
    • Andy Timmons

    Best Budget Guitars By Ibanez Gio

    • Ibanez RG Gio Series - Electric Guitars

    Rank #8: Cort Guitars

    Cort is a South Korean Music Instrument Manufacturer.

    Cort guitars are well-built and most models sound great. They have a huge line-up and are available at various budget options.

    One may find Cort AD810 and CR series available across small retailers, but apart from that, Cort guitars are not easily available in India. They are available only through selected retailers in major cities and this is one of the major reason these are ranked low among budget guitar brands in India.

    Founded: 1973

    Country Of Origin: South Korea

    Some Famous Artist Playing Cort Guitars

    • Joe Dalton
    • Arron Beckworth

    Best Budget Guitars By Cort

    • CR Series — Electric Guitars
    • G Series — Electric Guitars
    • X Series - Electric Guitars
    • Earth Series — Acoustic Guitars

    Rank #9: Breedlove

    If you are on a budget and need an acoustic guitar that will outplay others, go get a Breedlove guitar.

    Breedlove is one of the best acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world. They make some of the best sounding guitars on a  medium budget. If you are an intermediate guitar player with a budget around Rupees 30000, Breedlove guitar is your best bet for an acoustic guitar in India.

    Breedlove Guitars was established In 1990 by California luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, who left their jobs at Taylor Guitars to create what would become Breedlove Guitars.

    Breedlove's guitars are only available across major retail outlets in India. Very few models are available online and for purchase in small cities.

    Founded: 1990

    Country Of Origin: USA

    Some Famous Artist Playing Breedlove

    • Ed Roland
    • Jeff Pilson
    • Jim James

    Best Budget Guitars By Breedlove

    • Pursuit Series
    • Discovery Series
    • Organic Series
    • Legacy Series

    Rank #10: Schecter Guitars

    Schecter Guitars and basses appeal to a broad spectrum of players and diverse musical styles. Schecter's guitars are high-quality guitars at an affordable price. There is a huge line-up of Schecter guitars, and you are bound to find one that will fit your budget and playing style.

    Schecter offers acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Even though Schecter guitar built quality and tone is amazing, their sales and after sales network is weak in India. One of the major reason why this company is ranking low in the list.

    Founded: 1976

    Country Of Origin: USA

    Some Famous Artist Playing Schecter

    • Synyster Gates
    • Nikki Sixx
    • Paul Wiley
    • Dan Donegan
    • Jerry Horton

    Best Budget Guitars By Schecter

    • SGR Series — Electric Guitars
    • Damien Series — Electric Guitars
    • C Series — Electric Guitars
    • Omen Series — Electric Guitars
    • Blackjack Series — Electric Guitars

    Now you know the top 10 guitar companies. Here is one additional mention worth including in the list.

    Additional Entry: - Aria Guitars

    Aria Guitars Co. is a Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments.

    Aria guitars are one of the biggest underrated guitars manufacturers. They offer brilliant guitars for the most affordable price. Aria guitars play beautifully and last for a lifetime.

    Aria offers acoustic, electric guitars and bass guitars. Aria guitar built and playability is amazing, but they are very rare to find in India. One can find their copies and fake products, but getting a genuine Aria guitar is difficult. This is one reason that makes this brand a bonus mention in this list. If you can find one, make sure you give it a try.

    Founded: 1956

    Country Of Origin: Japan

    Some Famous Artist Playing Aria

    • Joe Dalton
    • Arron Beckworth

    Best Budget Guitars By Aria

    • STG Series — Electric Guitars
    • PE Series — Electric Guitars
    • ADW Series — Acoustic Guitars
    • 100 Series — Acoustic Guitars

    If you are a beginner and wish to learn guitar, check out this Free Beginner Guitar Course.

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