Why You Should Build A Music Catalogue

A good music catalogue is a must-have for any aspiring music producers, as it will help them brand themselves, sell their music and services. In this article, learn why you should build a music catalogue before branding yourself as a music producer. 

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What Is A Music Catalogue

A music catalogue is a complete list of all the songs, recordings, samples, beats etc. that are created by the same owner, typically it is organised in alphabetical or other systematic orderA Music catalogue can be curated online as well offline. Music catalogue can list all your released as well as unreleased work.

A music catalogue is required to build a strong portfolio as a music producer, music director, band or artist. 

Music catalogue can list complete released songs, unreleased songs, samples, background scores, upcoming work etc. A music catalogue can be used to show your work and keep a record of your work

Sometimes, music producers may own all of the rights to the music that they created and released. Sometimes copyrights are owned by publishers or distributors. The copyrights may be divided among various parties involved in the making of the music.

Why You Should Build A Music Catalogue

Building a catalogue also allows music producers to focus on their music instead of constantly producing music in an attempt to keep up with a release schedule.

Amateur music producers tend to rush to release new music before they've built a proper body of work. Doing so often leads to the songs being released without a strategy, which can make them less likely to get the attention they deserve. Accumulating 15+ songs allows producers to release them in an order that they will be most likely to gain approval from their audience. 

It can sometimes feel like you're not getting the opportunities that you deserve, but building a catalogue is a long-term game that helps you get more done.

For instance, if you write a few Christmas-vibe songs plan their release around Christmas time so your fans can relate to them.

Building a music catalogue is very crucial to becoming a successful music producer. Here is a list of reasons Why You Should Build A Music Catalogue:

Increased monetisation possibility

A wide collection of music in your catalogue means increased monetisation possibilities. Your catalogue is your product and by showcasing it you will attract different kinds of opportunities to make an earning.

Showcase your catalogue on various websites and platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more. The more people know about you the more opportunities you attract. Some may want to buy your music and others may want to know how you make it. So choose what you prefer and what benefits you the most. 

There are so many ways to monetise your music catalogue. Here are a few of them:

  • Sell or earn royalties for your recorder samples and beats.
  • Earn royalties through online streaming. You can stream all your released songs on online platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, YouTube and others. 
  • Get record deals for your entire catalogue.
  • Sell individual songs or complete albums to agents or other music producers.
  • Earn through giving music production classes.
  • Sell your merchandise and music services.
  • Earn with Podcasting.

Higher chances of getting a record deal

Building a catalogue, a mix of released and unreleased recordings, increases your chances of getting record deals. With a strong music catalogue, you can easily approach agents or labels to invest in your catalogue or to get a deal. The unreleased recordings of your music catalogue will save you time in your future projects with tight deadlines. 

Having a catalogue will make it easier for potential investors to evaluate your work and make a financial investment. However, without a solid catalogue, you are just a risky investment. 

Gives your career a structure

Having a music catalogue helps you in a long run and gives your career a structure. As a music producer, having a catalogue is a must for building a music brand or starting a music business. A solid catalogue provides value to your brand. It shows your music style and helps you improve your portfolio as an independent music producer. 

Building a music catalogue is a lifelong process as it involves consistent work, producing new songs, beats and recordings for the rest of your life. It keeps you on track and gives a shape to your career as a music producer.  

More fan engagement

Having a music catalogue allows you to post regularly and release new songs more frequently. This makes your fans happy and they engage with your music more.

Having a huge number of songs in your catalogue have an impact on your online presence i.e. your website, online streaming platforms, social media etc. Whenever a visitor checks your profile online, they may check and engage with your catalogue as well. More songs mean more content that means more visitors, more engagement and a high chance of building a huge fan base or a tribe.

A catalogue on social media platforms can also draw more fans and increase your chances of being featured in their feeds. 

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