Guitar Lessons

Lesson 1 - Parts Of Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar

Get started by first learning about guitar anatomy and construction.

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Lesson 2 — How To Hold The Guitar and Guitar Pick

How you hold your guitar and your guitar pick is important to your playing.

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Lesson 3 - How To Tune The Guitar

For beginners, tuning the guitar is a challenge. There is a lot to learn and implement to properly tune a guitar.

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Lesson 4 — How To Read Guitar Tabs and Chord Diagram

The ability to read guitar tabs and guitar chords is a must if you wish to learn guitar fast.

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Lesson 5 — First Guitar Chords For Beginners

Learning to play your first chords feels beautiful, and you are going to cherish it for
the rest of your life.

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Lesson 6 — D Major And G Major Chords

Learning how to play D Major and G Major on guitar will help you play hundreds of different songs.

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Lesson 7 — A Major, B Major and E Major Chords

How to play major chords is essential to become a good guitar player.

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Lesson 8 — E Minor & D Minor Chords

Some more easy guitar chords for beginners. E minor and D minor will help you play a lot more songs on guitar.

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Lesson 9 — Guitar Strumming Basics For Beginners

Simplified process of learning guitar strumming.

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Lesson 10 — How To Play F Major Chord On Guitar

Learn to play the F Major Chord in the easiest way - without bar.

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Lesson 11 — Music Theory Basics For Beginner Guitarist

Music theory simplified for beginners.

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Lesson 12 — How To Play Barre Chords On Guitar

With Barre chords, you can literally play all major and minor chords on guitar.

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Lesson 13 — How To Palm Mute A Guitar

How to get the heavy chugging guitar sound? The chugging sound is a result of the Palm Muting guitar technique. Learn how to palm mute a guitar.

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Lesson 14 — How To Learn Scales On Guitar For Beginners

In this lesson, you will learn how to learn and play major and minor scales on the guitar. Scales will unlock the world of lead guitar.

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Lesson 15 -Learn Chord Formulas and Chord Inversions

There is no better way to learn chord formulas and chord inversion, to start exploring the fret board and make interesting progressions

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Lesson 16 - How To Know Chords In Major Scale

Learn about chords that go together, and you can use in a song easily. You will also learn about chord progression and how different chord progressions change emotional response of listeners.

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Lesson 17 - Parts Of A Song and Song Structure

Watch the complete lesson on YouTube. Lesson article will be uploaded soon.

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How To Write Your First Song On Acoustic Guitar

Use all the knowledge you gained through the beginner guitar course and write your first song.

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Learn To Play Guitar Online For Free

Learn to play guitar online for free with our step-by-step completely free online beginner guitar lessons. Learn how to play guitar from the very beginning.

A total of 18 beginner guitar tutorials with over 350 minutes of video lessons, exercise workbooks, PDF downloads and a lot more are provided below.

With this guitar course, kids and adults of all ages can easily teach themselves guitar from their home. In these guitar tutorials, you start by learning basics of acoustic guitar like guitar parts, how to hold guitar, guitar picking, fretting, strumming and how to read tabs and chord charts.

Then you learn guitar chords for beginners, easy beginner guitar practice exercises and easy beginner guitar songs. After that, you learn fundamentals and basics of music theory and songwriting.

By the end of the course, you will be able to play guitar efficiently and also be able to write your first acoustic guitar song.

Make sure you follow along all lessons provided below, solve the workbooks of these best free online guitar lessons for beginners.