How To Learn Guitar At Home

Can you teach yourself guitar at home? Is it easy to learn guitar at home? What is the first thing to learn on guitar? Which is the best and easiest way to learn guitar at home? How long does it take to learn guitar? Do you need an acoustic guitar or electric guitar? Which is the best free online guitar lessons? All your questions answered.

Let us find out in this article how you can learn to play the guitar at home.

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Is It Possible To Teach Yourself Guitar?

Yes! One can easily learn to play the guitar on their own. You can easily teach yourself guitar for free with help of online guitar lessons. As a beginner, to learn guitar on your own, you need the following: -

  1. A decent-quality acoustic guitar.
  2. A laptop, tablet, or phone with good internet.
  3. Structured step-by-step guitar lessons — At LMP we have a complete step-by-step beginner guitar course for free.
  4. Practice time and determination to learn to play the guitar. For a 30-Day Guitar Learning Schedule, checkout this post.

Best Way To Teach Yourself Guitar At Home

The following 10 tips will help you to teach yourself guitar at home easily: -

  1. Buy a Decent Branded Guitar: — The Biggest mistake that beginners make is that they buy a very low-budget guitar. These guitars are not properly built and set up. This makes them difficult to play and eventually results in the player getting frustrated and giving up. Please do not make the same mistake. Buy a branded budget guitar. If you cannot afford one, save and then buy. Do not waste your money on cheap-built guitars. Some of the best beginner guitar brands on a budget are Yamaha, Fender Squier, Breedlove, and Cort.
  2. Get Structured Lessons: — Having a structure is essential for your guitar learning. If you start learning randomly and don't know where to go next, you will be lost and eventually give up. Check out our free beginner guitar course for complete structured and step-by-step beginner guitar lessons for free.
  3. Set A Practice Routine: — If you have a practice routine, you will play more and learn more. Momentum and consistency play an important role in learning guitar.
  4. Always Use A Metronome: — Metronome will help you know whether you are playing in time or not. Keeping time is a must to become a good guitar player.

  5. Focus on Developing Good Playing Technique: — When you are self-taught, it is easy to develop bad habits or playing techniques. In our free beginner guitar course, in-depth video lessons are provided so that you always know the proper technique. With these guitar lessons, you can teach yourself guitar Online For Free. So do check them out here.
  6. Listen and Learn Songs: — Once you know the basics of guitar playing, I suggest you learn as many songs as you like. Learning songs will help you enjoy and play the guitar. You can learn them by ear or even use transcribed guitar tabs and chord charts.
  7. Join Forums and Groups: — Forums and groups are amazing. You will meet like-minded people and learn a lot. Try to be as active as you can(but don't overdo it).  This helps you keep motivated, learn more and keep going.
  8. Form a Band: — Nothing will teach you music more than playing in a band. Playing in a band is a completely new experience. Forming one is an experience of a lifetime. If you form a band or even join one, you will meet musicians, play live music, learn about songwriting and make a lot more music, learn to manage time better, learn about other instruments, and eventually grow as a musician.
  9. Don't ignore music theory: — Beginners tend to ignore music theory. Don't be like that. Learning music theory will help you discover music like never before. You will understand the 'Why' behind the music. So start learning music theory on a serious note and don't ignore it. Read Books, Magazines, articles and keep growing.
  10. Have Patience: — Learning guitar takes time. Put in the effort and be patient with it. I have never met a person who practised the guitar regularly for more than 21 days and did not learn how to play the guitar. Everybody can play the guitar. All you need are good guitar lessons, the right mindset, and practice.

Equipment Required For Beginners To Learn Guitar

As a beginner, you can start learning the guitar if you just have a guitar in good condition and proper setup. Still, it is advised to complement and aid your learning process with some other guitar gear/accessories as well. Here is a list of essential guitar gear/accessories: -

  1. Guitar Tuner — You can use any app tuner, or you can buy a clip-on tuner. Check out the best free guitar tuning apps here.
  2. Guitar Picks — Selecting a proper guitar pick is a must to play the guitar effectively.

  3. Spare Guitar String Set — Always keep a spare string set with your guitar. You never know when you might need a new string.
  4. Guitar Strap — Having a good guitar strap will help you keep your guitar secure when you are playing standing up.

  5. Capo — A capo will help you alter pitch easily and play more songs.

  6. Metronome — Metronome is a must when you practice. This will help you learn how to keep time. You can use free metronome apps, or you can buy a metronome. I prefer a physical metronome over an app as this helps me avoid distractions.
  7. Guitar Stand — A Guitar stand comes in handy during practice and also helps in keeping your guitar secure.

  8. Guitar Bag Or Hard Case — Nothing hurts more than a broken or dented guitar. It is advised to get a quality guitar to carry case. If you travel a lot with your guitar, get a hard case.

These are just some of the guitar gear that you should get as a beginner guitarist. Other gears like a string winder, guitar care kit, guitar slide, music stands, guitar cables are also useful.

What is the first thing to learn on guitar?

At first one should learn about guitar build and guitar parts. The next thing to learn is guitar tuning and after that, you should learn how to hold the guitar and tune a guitar. Next, you should learn how to read guitar tabs and chord charts. Once you know these essential basics, start learning chords and songs.

Having a structured approach to guitar learning is a must otherwise you will digress a lot and will eventually end up giving on guitar.

How long does it take to learn guitar on your own?

Learning guitar as a beginner is all about understanding the fundamentals and then practising them. It takes somewhere from 30-days to 3 months for beginners to learn guitar on their own. Each individual is different and everybody learns at their own pace. The most important aspect of learning guitar is to have a proper lesson structure, realistic expectations and practising as often as you can. Consistency is the key to developing muscle memory.

If you teach yourself guitar using free online beginner guitar course, it will take you somewhere from 30-days to 3 months to learn beginner guitar. You can follow 2 lessons a week plan or 3 lessons a week plan.

To Learn Guitar In 30 Days, Checkout This Article.

How many hours a day should you practise the guitar?

10000 hours of practice is considered as an epitome to master any craft. The number of hours you should practice the guitar completely depends on your personal goals as a guitar player. A beginner guitar player should try and practice for at least 30 minutes every weekday.

If you are aspiring to make it as a studio musician or professional guitar player, you should try and practice for at least 90 minutes each day. Most professional guitar players practice 180 minutes — 240 minutes each day. Your practice should be well-structured and focused.

Goal As A Guitar Player Suggested Practice Time In Minutes Number Of Practice Days In A Week Total Practice Hours In A Year Years To Complete 10000 Hours
Play For Fun 30 5 Days 156.5 63.9
Play In A Good College Band 180 6 Days 939 10.6
Become A Professional Musician 240 6 Days 1252 8.0
Play Like Steve Vai 540 6 Days 2817 3.5


Should Beginners Buy An Electric Guitar Or Acoustic Guitar

Beginners can start learning guitar either on acoustic or electric guitar. Acoustic Guitars are easy to set up and get started with. Electric guitars are easy on the fingers but difficult to set up and control while playing. It is advised to start learning guitar on an acoustic guitar as a beginner. Beginners should start learning on an acoustic guitar for the following reasons: -

  1. Less Complexity and Easy Setup: — Acoustic guitars are a lot less complex to learn than electric guitars. With an acoustic guitar, you can sit anywhere and start playing. With an electric guitar, you need an amplifier, a power source, guitar cable to get started and play with good volume.
  2. Easy To Control: - Electric guitars produce a lot of string noise and overtones if not muted properly. If you are a complete beginner, this becomes a challenge.
  3. Builds Finger Strength: — Starting on an acoustic guitar helps you build dexterity and finger strength, which is helpful in the long term.
  4. Switching To An Electric Guitar Is Easy: — Once you know the basics, making a switch from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar is easy. Your fingers have already built strength and dexterity, making the switch easy. If you start on an electric guitar, switching to an acoustic guitar will be challenging.

Can You Learn Guitar Without A Personal Tutor

A beginner can easily start learning guitar without a personal tutor. You can start learning the basics with Strtingcart well-structured and in-depth online guitar lessons for free. These are some Best Free Online Beginner Guitar Lessons. You start learning from the very fundamentals of guitar and progress with a step-by-step approach. In each lesson, all the techniques, complexities, mistakes to avoid are discussed. Following this approach is the easiest way to learn guitar as a beginner.

You can aid the learning process with some good guitar books. Reading guitar books will give you a new perspective and help develop cognitive thinking. Here is a list of Top 10 Books That Guitar Players Must Read.


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