How To Setup A Perfect Guitar Practice Room

Having a practice room or a studio is a must if you wish to master the craft of guitar playing. In this lesson, learn how to set up a guitar practice space.

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Why You Should Set Up A Practice Room/ Practice Space

Every time you decide to sit down to practice the guitar and the first thing you have to decide is, where to practice. You will easily end up getting distracted by the surroundings around you.

Having a separate practice room or a space or a studio always helps the artist. When you set up a separate space for practice, your mind starts relating that space to creativity and focus.

A studio helps you optimise productivity, avoid distractions, stay consistent, be creative, minimise decision-making and better utilise your willpower.

This helps you grow better as an artist.

How To Set Up Your Practice Room/Studio

Your practice room/ studio is your creative temple. As an artist, you will spend most of your life in your studio. You should hold your studio in high regard. You should arrange your practice space to optimise your productivity. Transform it into a creative temple, a place where inspiration flows.

Set up your practice room/studio in a way that inspires you, keeps you organised, helps you focus and at all times avoids distractions.

Music Practice Room Essentials

Consider having the following in Your Studio/ Guitar Practice Room: -

  1. Suitable Chair: The Chair is the most important aspect of a studio to me. If you have a good chair, you will spend more hours in your studio.

  2. Amplifier and Instrument Cables: Having at least one amplifier and instrument cable in your studio is a must. You can opt for a solid-state practice amplifier or a proper cabinet and tube head or several dozen amplifiers. The choice is yours.

  3. Laptop/Computer: A laptop/computer/tablet is a must in 2022. Most of the learning you will do is going to be online. Having a computer also helps you easily record. It can be a simple laptop or tablet, or it can also be a high-end studio rig. Decide according to your needs and budget. P.S use the laptop/computer wisely. Do not get distracted.

  4. Metronome And Tuner: A metronome and a tuner will ensure you practice in time and always have a tuned instrument. I prefer having a separate metronome rather than using a laptop or my phone app as a metronome. This ensures I do not get distracted.

  5. Music Sheet Stand:  Whether you read sheet music or not, having a sheet stand is a must. I always advise every musician to print out music sheets/tabs and use them while practising. This ensures you are focused and avoids distractions that come along when you use a phone.

  6. Clock: Clocks help you stay aware of the time.
  7. Notebook And Pencils: nothing replaces the old pen and paper. you never know when you need one.
  8. Audio Recorder/Recording Setup: — You should have at least a good audio recorder, or you can also have a complete recording setup. Self-recording is a must to grow. Self-recording will help you sharpen musicianship, prevents distorted perception, heighten practice efficiency. So make sure you have a recording device with which you can playback.

  9. Mirror: A mirror can do wonders. The mirror will help you monitor and correct movement habits.
  10. Instrument Stand/Holder: Always keep an instrument stand close to your chair.
  11. Water Bottle: Always keep yourself hydrated.
  12. Hearing protection: The biggest regret that most professional/ touring musicians have is that they did not start using hearing protection early. If you practice in high decibels, always use hearing protection. You do not want to damage your hearing. Protect and respect your hearing.

  13. Rug: A rug is aesthetically pleasing and also absorbs acoustic reflections.

Optional Equipment To Turn Your Practice Room Into A Recording Studio

Most of us have YouTube channels and social media accounts that we use on regular basis. Content is the new oil. Having a proper recording setup in your studio/practice space can help if you require to quickly make a recording.

  1. Camera
  2. Audio Interface
  3. Microphone
  4. Studio Monitors
  5. Studio Cables
  6. Acoustic Panels

Things To Consider While Setting Up Your Guitar Practice Room

  1. Optimize Workflow: You should be sitting in a central area and place the equipment another necessity so that they are easily accessible.
  2. Remove Distractions: Avoid using your cellphones and other gadgets that distract you. Having a no phone/social media policy inside your studio always helps. If you can acoustically isolate your studio/practice space, nothing beats it.
  3. Proper Lighting: — Lighting plays a very important role. Avoid over lighting and underletting your studio. Having optimised lights will keep you productive and help you spend hours without getting fatigued.
  4. Ample Water — Drink Plenty of water during your sessions. Up to 60% of the adult human body is water. Keep yourself hydrated.
  5. Cleanliness — It always helps to have some artwork or interiors that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. Your environment matters a lot. So keep it clean and inspiring.

Studio Rituals

Whenever I enter my studio, I acknowledge the extraordinary opportunity. I feel grateful that I have the opportunity to create and do what I love. Before my musical endeavours, I like to warm up, breathe, release tension, and affirm the value of my artistic work. Then, leaving my troubles behind, enter the exquisite realm of music-making.

I read about the advantages of having rituals in the book, The Musician's Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness.

At first, I did not like the idea. Yet I gave it a go, and now I have been following the rituals for over 3 years.

Every new idea seems bewildering to the human mind. Give it a try. Come up with your rituals and try them for a week or so. Analyse how it works for you and decide accordingly.

Share in the comments section below, what are some of your studio rituals. I would love to hear from you.

If you wish to learn guitar, check out the free beginner guitar course here.


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    I have a collection of votives and scented candles that I light while in my studio. Candles from Anthropology are the best!

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