Learn To Play Guitar In 30 Days


This is a complete step by step article in which you will learn to play the guitar in 30 days from your home.

You will be provided with a complete lesson schedule for thirty days that you can follow along and teach yourself guitar.

All lessons are free of cost. You can read in-depth articles, watch videos and download workbook PDF exercises for lessons.

For all free guitar lessons, please check out the complete beginner guitar course here.

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Download and print the thirty-day beginner guitar schedule calendar pdf here. Use it to mark your progress and keep score.

Learn To Play Guitar In 30 Days

In the next thirty days or fours weeks, you will start as a complete beginner guitar player and end as an intermediate musician.

By the end of thirty days, you will be able to play songs, improvise on guitar, know the basics of music theory, learn about songwriting and play by ear.

Week 1

In Week 1 of learning guitar, you will start with complete beginner guitar basics like how to hold the guitar, guitar parts and tuning a guitar. Gradually, you will learn fretting and playing easy beginner guitar chords A Minor, C Major, D Major and G Major. You will also learn to play easy guitar songs like Let It Be By The Beatles and Happy Birthday.

Week 2

In Week 2 you will be learning a lot of guitar chords and guitar songs. You will learn to play songs like Knocking On Heaven Door, Still Haven't found, Ain't No Sunshine.

Chords you will learn in week two are A Major, B Major, E Major, E Minor and D Minor. By the end of week two, you will have covered all the open chord shapes, and now you can play 1000s of songs on guitar.

Week 3

In week 3 you will learn different strumming patterns, F Major chord and basics of music theory.

Week three will act as a foundation for exploring guitar and different musical aspects. You will be introduced to the theoretical concept of Intervals and how all music revolves around Intervals.

You will also learn how to ear train and play music by ear. Week three is a crucial week for you to grow as a musician.

Week 4

In week four you will already have a good command of the guitar, and you will explore some intermediate and advanced guitar concepts like barre chords, major and minor scales, parts of a song, and songwriting basics.

By the end of thirty days, you will have a strong understanding of guitar playing and music.

Beginner Guitar Lessons 30 Day Schedule

Anyone can follow along to the given 30-day beginner guitar schedule, and you will easily learn to play the guitar in just thirty days. For the next thirty days, you will be practising for just 30-45 minutes, six days a week.

If you are below 10 years of age, please ask your parents or guardians to help you along the course.

For all the lessons, please check out the complete beginner guitar course here.


Day Beginner Guitar Course Lesson To Do
Day 1 1, 2 & 3 Solve Workbooks
Day 2 4 Picking Exercises 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4
Day 3 5 Practice Am and C Major Chord Switching. Learn the Song — Let It Be By Beatles.
Day 4 Practice Day Practice — Picking Exercises, Chord Switching & Let It Be
Day 5 Practice Day Practice — Picking Exercises, Chord Switching & Let It Be
Day 6 6 Practice D Major And G Major Chord Switching. Learn Song — Happy Birth Day.
Day 7 Day Off
Day 8 Practice Day Learn Song Knocking On Heaven's Door
Day 9 7 Practice — A Major, B Major and E Major Chords. Learn Song Still Haven't Found By U2.
Day 10 Practice Day Practice Song — Still Haven't found By U2
Day 11 Practice Day Practice All Songs Learned Till Now
Day 12 8 Practice — E Minor and D Minor Chords, Learn Song — Ain't No Sunshine
Day 13 Practice Day Practice Song — Ain't No Sunshine
Day 14 Day Off
Day 15 Curiosity Day Search Chords For Your Favourite Songs and Learn Any Easy One With Simple Down Strumming
Day 16 9 Learn Guitar Strumming Patterns, Implement New Strumming Pattern To Anyone Song
Day 17 Practice Day Practice Learnt Songs With Different Strumming Patterns
Day 18 10 Practice F Chord, Learn Song Let It Be
Day 19 11 Understand Music Theory
Day 20 Practice Day Practice Intervals And Ear Training
Day 21 Day Off
Day 22 12 Learn Barre Chords
Day 23 Practice Day Practice All Songs Using Barre Chords
Day 24 13 Learn and Practice Palm Muting
Day 25 14 Practice Major Scale Shapes
Day 26 Practice Day Practice Minor Scale Shapes
Day 27 15 Understand Chord Formulas And Practice Breaking Down Chords
Day 28 Day Off
Day 29 16 Understand Chords In A Scale and Build One Chord Progression
Day 30 17 Understand Parts Of A song, Practice Playing Songs


Equipment Required To Start Learning Guitar

You will need the following equipment to start playing the guitar and follow along: -

  1. An Acoustic Guitar — You will need an acoustic guitar to follow along with the 30 days course. Any acoustic guitar will do. Just make sure it is properly set up. If you do not have an acoustic guitar, arrange for one.
    If you require buying one, buy any decent budget acoustic guitar for beginners available in your country.
    Yamaha and Fender make some value for money beginner acoustic guitars. I suggest you buy a beginner bundle as it will provide you with all the essentials you require to get started.
    You can also use an electric guitar and follow along, but I highly recommend you start on an acoustic guitar.

  2. Metronome And TunerYou will need A metronome and tuner. You can download metronome and tuner on your mobile phone or use a separate one. Check out some of the best mobile tuner apps here.

  3. Guitar Picks: — Make sure at all times you have guitar picks. For beginners, using thin picks is recommended. Picks with .46 -.7 thickness will do fine. I propose you get a Jim Dunlop Variety Pack. This will help you experiment and experience different guitar picks. You will like some and hate some, but you will know for sure which one works for you.

  4. Spare String Set: — Spare strings should always be available with you. All beginners should start with a medium/light string gauge. A good quality string set will make playing your guitar easier and also make it sound good. So make sure your strings are not rusted, and you are using quality strings.

What Next

Once you complete your thirty days guitar learning schedule, feel proud. You have achieved what most people dream of.

Now you know all the basics of playing the guitar, and you have a strong foundation as a musician.

You have come a long way. The habit that you built past the last thirty days will last for a lifetime. Make sure you keep up the practice and keep ongoing. Learn more from books, build a practice routine and keep the flow going. This is just a start.

Also, try to write your first acoustic guitar song. Check out the article here for a step-by-step tutorial to write your first acoustic song.

Share with me in the comments below your experiences and your feedback. I always love to hear from you.


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  • Eku

    Hi I’m really interested in your guitar course 💓

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