How To Play Asus4 Chord On Guitar

Learn how to play A-Suspended4 or Asus4 Chord properly on the Guitar in this easy step-by-step lesson.

Asus4 Chord Chart Guitar

Asus4 Guitar Chord Diagram

How To Play Asus4 or A-Suspended 4 Chord On Guitar

Asus4 Chord is a 5 String Chord. To Play Asus4 Chord on Guitar:

  1. Place Your Index Finger on Second Fret, Fourth String.
  2. Place Your Middle Finger on Second FretThird String.
  3. Place Your Ring Finger on Third Fret, Second String.
  4. First String and Fifth String are played open.
  5. Sixth String is generally not played, but you can play it open as well.

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Notes In an Asus4 or A-Suspended Chord

Notes played in an Asus4 Chord are A, D and E.

  • Root Note A is played on the 5th string and 3rd string.
  • D note is played on the 2nd String and is the Major Fourth Interval of the A Major scale.
  • E note is played on the 4th and 1st strings of the guitar and is a Perfect Fifth Interval of the A Major scale.
Notes in Asus4 chord

Suspended Fourth Chord Formula

Suspended Fourth or Sus4 chord formula is 1-4-5 or R-M4-P5.

A Suspended Fourth or Sus4 is simply the major triad with the Third  Interval raised by a whole tone (whole-step).

To play an Asus4 chord, the Root, Major Fourth Interval and Perfect Fifth Interval of an A Major Scale are played together.

Asus4 Chord Formula


A Suspended / Asus4 Chord Variations or Different Shapes

 Asus4 Guitar Chord Shape Variations


Asus4 Chord On Stave

 Asus4 Chord Stave Notation


Asus4 Chord Guitar Tabs

 Asus4 Chord Guitar Tablature