How To Play Baug Chord On Guitar

Learn how to play B-augmented or Baug Chord properly on the Guitar in this easy step-by-step lesson.

Baug Chord Chart Guitar

Baug Chord Diagram

How To Play Baug or B-augmented Chord On Guitar

Baug Chord is a 4 String Chord. To Play Baug Chord:

  1. Place Your First Finger on First Fret, Fourth String.
  2. Place Your Second Finger on Second FretFifth String.
  3. Second and Third Strings are played Open.
  4. First and Sixth Strings are not played.

Notes In an Baug Chord

Notes played in an Baug Chord are B, D# and F##

  • Root Note B is played on strings 2nd and 5th.
  • D# note is played on the 4th string and is the Major Third Interval of the B Major Scale.
  • F## note(or F double sharp note) is played on the 3rd strings of the guitar and is a Minor Sixth Interval of the B Major Scale.
Baug Chord Notes

Why F## is spelled and not G in Baug Chord?

Even though F## is not there in music theory, at times chords are spelled out with note F## instead of writing it as G.

F#♯ is the exact same note as G. Their spellings tell us how the two pitches function. F-double-sharp is called the enharmonic equivalent of G-natural. The sharp raises the base note one-half step. This is done on purpose in music theory to denote the half note shift(augment).

Enharmonically equivalent intervals are intervals that contain an equivalent number of half steps but have different names(e.g., Augmented 5th and Minor 6th or Augmented Second and Minor 3rd). In other words, enharmonic intervals are aurally identical but theoretically different.

This is an advanced music concept. If it confuses you, feel free to write G instead of F##. 

Augmented Chord Formula

The Augmented chord formula is I-III-V#.

To play an Baug triad chord, the Root, Major Third Interval and Minor Sixth Interval of an B Major Scale are played together.

An augmented triad is simply the major triad with the last note — the 5th of the chord — raised by a semitone (half-step).

To learn about  Intervals and Music Theory, check out this lesson.

Baug Chord Formula


B-Augmented / Baug Chord Variations or Different Shapes

Baug Chord Variations


Baug Chord On Stave

 B augmented chord on music stave


Baug Chord Guitar Tabs

 B Augmented Chord Guitar Tablature